Celebrating National Box Month

As a leading corrugated box manufacturing company, Pacific Box Company is thrilled to join the nation in celebrating a very special occasion in the month of June. During National Box Month we take a moment to acknowledge the unsung hero of packaging—the corrugated box. 

We're not referring to Boxing Day, the day after Christmas when affluent Londoners historically boxed up leftover food for the needy, nor to Boxer Month in January that honors the beloved dog breed. Instead, we're here to celebrate the timeless allure of boxes themselves. Whether they are gift boxes, shipping containers, storage solutions, or tools for product promotion, let's pay homage to the versatility and usefulness of our favorite containers.

Corrugated boxes are an integral part of our lives, often taken for granted. However, they play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient transportation and safe delivery of goods worldwide. With their stackability, durability, and lightweight nature, corrugated boxes optimize storage and reduce shipping costs. 

To celebrate this special month, we have a few creative ideas you and your family may want to consider:

Organize a Box Fort Building Contest

Encourage friends or family members to construct imaginative forts or structures using cardboard boxes. Have fun judging the creations based on creativity, functionality, and overall design.

Build a Box Bed for Your Cat

Line a large box with a soft blanket or pillow to create a cozy bed for your favorite feline. Cats love having enclosed spaces to retreat to, so a box with a comfortable interior can make a perfect hideaway.

Donate Boxes to Local Charities

Contact local charities, shelters, or organizations that might have a need for boxes. Offer to donate gently used boxes, which can be used for storage, moving, or organizing purposes.

Host a Box Crafts Party

Invite friends over for a creative gathering focused on transforming ordinary boxes into unique crafts. Provide paints, markers, glue, and other art supplies, and let everyone's imagination run wild.

Capture Box Photography

Challenge yourself to find beauty in everyday objects, including boxes. Take photographs that highlight interesting patterns, textures, or compositions using boxes as subjects. Share your creations on social media or create an album to showcase your work. Send your photos to us and we will be happy to feature your creation on our social media and website!

Corrugated boxes offer unparalleled versatility and are as customizable to fit any shape or size, making them ideal for packaging products of diverse dimensions. From retail displays to e-commerce shipments, these boxes can be tailored to create an exceptional unboxing experience. Corrugated boxes can be printed with captivating designs, logos, and branding elements, amplifying brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on consumers. The only limit is your imagination!

As technology advances, so does the corrugated box industry. With continuous research and development, we strive to push the boundaries of packaging innovation. By integrating smart packaging solutions, incorporating eco-friendly adhesives, and digital printing solutions to enhance box design and presentation, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible packaging solutions.

On National Box Month, we salute the corrugated box as a humble superstar that makes our lives easier and shapes the global economy. At Pacific Box Company, we take pride in our commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. Today, let us appreciate the versatile and eco-friendly nature of corrugated boxes and the countless ways they impact our daily lives. So, raise a toast to the corrugated box on this special occasion and acknowledge its indispensable role in modern society. Happy National Box Month!

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