Custom Packaging for Subscription-Based Businesses

Subscription-based box services have been around for decades but have been recently enjoying a surge in popularity. Companies like The Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox and help consumers reduce mundane retail tasks by regularly mailing them their favorite high use items so they don’t have to keep running to the store to purchase them over and over again. It's like paying for the joy of receiving a special gift every month and it seems like there’s a willing community of subscribers for almost any idea.

If you’re considering starting or are currently operating a subscription-based eCommerce company, don’t sell the experience short by using generic, off-the-shelf packaging to deliver your products. No matter how great the online experience or product offering is, a plain, unattractive presentation misses the opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your customers.

In order to deliver maximum impact in a crowded marketplace, a customized packaging plan is a far superior choice for your subscription service. This helps you gain complete control over presentation, product security, and quality. It allows you to create a memorable customer experience and reflect your unique brand and personality.

Consulting with a trusted box manufacturer is the best way to determine the prime presentation for your boxed product offerings. Your representative can draw from experience to guide you in the right direction according to your ambitions, criteria and budget expectations. Your rep would also be happy to educate you on every aspect of your package from quantities, sizes, paper weights, special cuts or folds, inserts, graphic elements and ink finishes.

When you consult with your representative, you may want to discuss the many material options for your box, each with its own strengths and weaknesses for your specific product shipping needs. Mailer boxes are heavy and durable and are ideal for subscription boxes, gift boxes and other situations where standard paperboard won’t hold up to the rigors of transit. If you need extra protection for glassware, electronics or food, corrugated shipping boxes with inserts provide a more substantial structure to ship with confidence.

The printing process also plays a major role in the success of your subscription boxes. A beautifully designed and printed box boosts the appeal of its cargo and increases credibility as well as brand loyalty with your subscribers.

There are two major printing methods to accommodate your vision. Digital printing is common for small orders, can be turned around quickly and efficiently and provides bright, punchy imagery. Flexographic printing utilizes the old-school plates and drums to stamp your artwork. It is the most common method, especially on corrugated boxes, and is more cost effective if you are doing large runs.

Also, consider sustainable packaging as part of your mission. As audiences become more aware of eco-friendly initiatives, you can do your part in reducing stress on the environment like providing reusable packaging and reducing plastic. Not only is it a win for the world but it increases appreciation for your company in the hearts and minds of your customers, community, team members, and even yourself.

There are many other factors to consider when building the perfect subscription box experience and the Pacific Box sales team is here to help every step of the way. We can provide answers about shipping methods and costs, sizes, fulfillment and other important issues you may be concerned about. Our job is to reduce your stress and equip you with the best packaging to make your subscription based business a stunning success!

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