Five Ways Your Packaging Should be Working for You

Packaging has historically been used to safely deliver goods and products to those who purchased them. Huge corporations could invest in custom boxes and packaging, but small and medium sized businesses were forced to use whatever the market offered.

But as shipping has exploded and technology has driven down the costs of custom packaging, purchasing managers and entrepreneurs have been finding all kinds of creative ways to put their boxes to work to increase sales and grow their businesses.

Here are five ways your packaging could be working harder for you:

1. Building Your Brand

Slapping a logo on a box is a great place to start. But because every time you ship your goods, your packaging will be the first thing they see, touch, and read. This is the ultimate opportunity to give them a great feeling about your company and products. With cost-effective digital printing you can use design, color, and messaging to turn your packaging into a brand-building powerhouse.

2. Delight Your Customers

Few things drive brand loyalty and repeat business like delight. And one of the keys to delight is finding it where you least expect it. From inspirational messages on a teabag to humor in support documents. And you know what most people never expect to be delighted by? Packaging. But the right packaging partner will make it easy and cost-effective to include delightful touches—quotes, images, dad jokes—right there on your box.

3. Drive Engagement

A customer who just reordered from you is a happy customer. And they’re never thinking about you more than when they receive their latest shipment. That’s the moment to prompt them to post on social media or leave a review or testimonial. By including the prompt (and maybe even a QR code) right there on your packaging, you’re striking when the iron is hottest and increasing your chances they’ll engage.

4. Educate

What do your customers need to know about your product before they take it out of the box? How should it be handled or stored? Your packaging is the perfect place to prime them with the information they need to have the perfect experience with your products.

5. Showcase Your Values

Customers tend to stick with companies that share their values. When you use corrugated boxes in your packaging you’re already demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. But the messaging on your boxes can make sure your clients know exactly what you care about and why it’s important. 

The truth is that most businesses are leaving money on the table when it comes to their packaging. They think they’d have to hire a dedicated agency or in-house designer to actually drive results. 

But when you partner with a supplier who mixes decades of experience with cutting edge, cost-saving technology, you get the benefit of an entire team of consultants, designers, and fabricators dedicated to creating the perfect solution for your business.

That’s why Pacific Box Company thrives on long-term clients. Our customers trust us to make sure they get exactly the packaging solutions their business needs to grow. If you’re curious what that could look like for your business, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get right back to you with answers.

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