Incorporate Your Custom Packaging Into Your Digital Advertising in 2024

Despite rumors that the social media landscape is too saturated for marketing to be successful, reports indicate that 2024 is poised to break e-commerce sales records on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. And they are still great channels to feature your custom packaging to attract the attention of prospective customers.

Whether you've recently invested in enhancing your product’s packaging design or plan to make it a New Year's resolution, social media marketing is still ripe with opportunities to show it off and grow brand awareness. Let’s explore various ways to seamlessly integrate custom-designed boxes into your digital marketing tactics:

Creative and Posting

Nothing compels a viewer to pause scrolling than an attractive design, interesting illustration, or better yet - fun animation. You don’t need a Hollywood studio to dream up creative ways to showcase your product and its custom packaging - try making a stop-motion video or find fun templates to work from on Canva, Envato or Animoto. Don’t get carried away with too many distractions. Keep your product and accompanying packaging the stars of the show.

User-Generated Content Unboxing

Customers engage with your brand the most when recommended by a friend or trusted expert. Having a current customer unboxing and demonstrating your product is the best form of marketing, because it instills confidence in the audience’s minds and encourages the decision process. If you can’t find an example of a current customer unboxing your product, connect with a popular influencer who talks about similar products and incentivize them to promote your product in trade for free or reduced cost.

Be sure they create an authentic vibe with a low camera angle, as if they are casually FaceTiming with a friend.  By having a human demonstrate the product, your audiences can quickly understand its size, features, benefits and value. 

Product Walkthrough

An overlooked marketing opportunity is to have your team walk through the entire product experience, professionally demonstrating its value. From opening the first flap on the packaging to actual use of the product, demonstrate its features and address common questions or hesitations you may experience. This doesn’t have to be a major production, and if it takes more than 10 minutes to create it you are probably making it too complicated. Call out all its benefits, especially its environmental impact if the packaging is recyclable, reassuring customers of an environmentally responsible choice.

Using packaging in your social media and digital marketing tactics is a powerful way to shape and reinforce your brand recognition, and, in this digital world, it is vital to bring the in-store experience to them. Unboxing is now a pivotal aspect of consumer engagement, presenting the opportunity for brands like yours to tell your unique stories, captivate audiences and convince them to purchase your products. Don't miss out on the unboxing trend—contact us to help you make it a cornerstone of your 2024 marketing strategy!

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