The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is all around us. It protects our food, ships our products, keeps us organized and benefits our livelihoods everyday. Boxes and containers are an integral part of our society and are made up of different materials, from plastic to glass, wood, corrugated, cardboard, or even metal.

As the e-commerce industry grows so does the demand for packaging material, with no slowdown in sight. Your box is sometimes just as important as the products inside, not only for protection but for promotion as well.

While the insatiable demand for packaging production is exponentially increasing, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about our stewardship of the environment. It makes sense to show corporate responsibility by respecting the Earth’s natural resources by exploring smart options when it comes to packaging.

Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities to follow eco-friendly protocols when packing and delivering your food, cosmetics, clothing, electronics or other products. Eco-friendly packaging meets strict criteria established by national guidelines to have a minimum impact on the environment. It is sourced, manufactured, used and recycled using clean production technologies and renewable energy. It is designed to optimize materials, which must remain non-toxic throughout its life cycle.

If your company’s mission is to become carbon neutral in some way, smart packaging choices help you align with your values. You can promote that your products are distributed in containers made of recyclable materials that reduce your carbon footprint, are biodegradable and compostable. In some cases such as bamboo-based materials, they have been known to even draw carbon out of the environment!

Unlike other plastic food and shipping containers, eco-friendly packaging contains no toxic chemicals derived from crude oil, a major foe to the environment. Since sustainable packaging is made and disposed of more efficiently, the world saves on fuel costs that would otherwise be spent on additional transportation and consumption.

With the rise of corporate social responsibility, a commitment to eco-friendly packaging is good for your brand, and a morale booster for your team. Not only will customers who are becoming more conscious of the impact that businesses have on the environment feel good about purchasing your products, but you can attract team members who are committed to doing the right thing for their world. 

Pacific Box Company, who has been at the forefront of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard production technology for over 30 years, is the perfect partner to educate you about the benefits of the right packaging materials. Contact your Pacific Box representative today to explore the options to make your packaging more environmentally sustainable.

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