Why You Should Consider Custom Packaging

How do you showcase your brand is above the rest if your packaging doesn’t reflect that? At Pacific Box Company, we know packaging plays a critical role in shaping a first impression and that investing in it could be the thing that takes your brand to the next level. It's why we offer various ways to customize your packaging, from select-and-go to full-service structural and graphic design. 


Here’s a quick rundown of what investing in custom packaging can achieve: 


  1. Growing brand awareness and recognition. 

Depending on the order quantity, a custom box will have a similar price point as a stock box. So why get a blank stock box that doesn't quite accommodate your product when you can get a custom box made specifically to fit your product at a similar cost? Using themes, colors, and patterns to create custom packaging is an easy way to communicate your brand image and message to consumers. Even if your packaging doesn’t connect with every buyer, it will attract your target demographic.


  1. Enhance the customer experience. 

One of the top priorities for consumers in 2022 is ease of use. If a box shows up damaged, is hard to open, or looks like little thought went into it, what does that mean for the product within? Developing custom packaging with Pacific Box Company means you can address the specific needs of your target demographic. And creating a more positive customer experience from start to finish will encourage customer loyalty and retention.


  1. Increase brand value. 

When spending their hard-earned money, consumers tend to judge a book by its cover. And if the packaging doesn’t appeal to the consumer, they’re likely to put the product back down and skip it the next time they go to the store. We know from experience that a nicely printed box will only help sell more products. 


  1. Ensure your product ships safely. 

No matter how good you believe your product to be, the value won’t translate if you can’t get it to consumers in one piece. Pacific Box Company ensures our containers protect products from damage during the shipping process. Because there is nothing worse than receiving a product that didn't have the proper protection. 


  1. Position your product as a competitor in the market. 

Think of the possibility of your product sitting on a shelf alongside other brands offering the same item or something similar. What can you do to make sure your product doesn’t get overlooked? Eye-catching packaging could earn you a premium position on the shelf. Don’t forget: It takes seven impressions for a consumer to take action, and you want to be proactive about making those impressions count. 


Custom Packaging Is a Game Changer

When setting out to develop custom packaging, remember that the look of your final shipping product will depend heavily on what material type and ink colors you choose. You also want to pick finishes that make sense for your brand. For example, using a shiny versus matte finish on your packaging might create assumptions about the quality of your product. Pro tip: Matte finish is fairly popular right now for high-end, digital print jobs because of the status it suggests. 


​It’s also important to note that it’s not the box style that allows us to print more vibrant colors but rather the material used for the box. "E-flute" is the best material to print on for retail boxes as the flutes are closer together and create a more reliable print surface.  


Whether it is just a shipping box or a retail box, you want to make a good impression on the end user. Because the end user's impression of your company and the "unboxing" experience is key to getting repeat orders. As the Pacific Northwest's single-source supplier for all your custom packaging needs, Pacific Box Company will ensure your vision comes to life.


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