Shipping Tips for Holiday Gifts

It’s no shocker the holiday season is the busiest time for shipping products. Whether you are sending out a few packages at a time or are planning to ship mass products in bulk, you don’t want to underestimate the importance of the box your treasure comes in. With that in mind, here are some tips for ensuring your holiday shipping experience goes as seamlessly as possible.


Start brainstorming early

Companies wanting to take advantage of the holiday shopping rush should start thinking about holiday packaging months in advance. Typically, customers will start approaching Pacific Box Company in July or August to start talking about their custom holiday packaging, but your timeline really depends on the size and complexity of the project at hand. 


Consider this: If a client needs 1000 full-color displays using five different components, it’s safe to assume the design and graphics take extra time. Alternatively, if a client is planning a small or medium size packaging project, getting things going in August to mid-September offers plenty of lead time. 


Choose the right box 

One of the easiest ways for a company to set itself apart from the competition is by creating a better unboxing experience for the end user. That starts with choosing – or building – the right box for your product. Selecting the right box is the surest way to protect your product from damage and ship it at the lowest cost, both of which will result in a happier customer. 


You can further set yourself apart by customizing your packaging for the holiday season. This might include printing boxes with a festive version of your company logo or holiday pattern, implementing holiday shipping tape, or including handwritten thank-you notes inside each package. A flashy box will help your package stand out from the rest and enhance presentation, making the unboxing experience even more unforgettable.


Use quality materials

Using high-quality packaging materials increases the marketability of your product, helps clarify what it is, and can go a long way in explaining what your brand is all about. Quality packaging also ensures your product is protected and arrives in one piece. This is especially important during the holidays, when eCommerce shopping and shipping is in full swing, and packaging-induced confusion is more likely to cause delivery damage or delays. No matter how exceptional your product is, boxes that tear easily or show cracks in folds will communicate a substandard brand. 


Plan ahead to crush the rush!

Holiday packaging loses its appeal if the packages don’t arrive on time. Be sure to stay on top of deadlines so that your holiday packaging is ready well in advance and you have ample time to ship to customers. To get the product out into the marketplace and on store shelves, you should have everything wrapped up and ready to ship by the end of October. This allows time for products to be routed through distribution channels and gives you ample time to keep customers updated when delays inevitably occur.


You’ll also want to be aware of the holiday deadlines and rates set by your shipper of choice. USPS flat-rate boxes may be the best value, as they can contain up to 70 pounds and ship across the county for a relatively low rate. FedEx and UPS also offer comparable flat rates, depending on how heavy your packages are and how quickly you need to get them to a destination. 


‘Tis the season 

Ordering directly from a packaging supplier like Pacific Box Company is often the best way to ensure design expectations are met and that you can fulfill orders during the holiday season. Beyond our top-tier equipment enabling us to turn almost any box type quicker than anyone in our marketplace, we offer everything you need to create the best packaging in-house, no matter the quantity.


The Pacific Box team is also committed to making the shipping process as painless as possible for every client by providing the best boxes – and delivering them on time and on budget. We also take pride in the personal attention we give to each project, as well as our ability to collaborate and find the best solutions on the fly. 


Ultimately, the most effective type of holiday packaging positions your company as the brand of choice and connects your product with consumers on a personal level. At Pacific Box Company, you’re working with a team of real-life box experts who truly care about creating a lasting connection between your brand and your consumers. 

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